Healthy Lifestyle

Focusing on various lifestyle areas such as nutrition, movement, gut health and sleep, so that you can enjoy optimum heart health and well-being.



Leaning into relationships and environments that energize you, increase your sense of well-being and bring you joy.



Creating clarity and awareness around the daily choices you make to promote feelings of connection, fulfilment and purpose.


5-Step Method

Our 5-Step Method starts by consulting blood and other diagnostic tests, which enable us to design the right evidence-based wellness plan for your unique and superior health transformation. I will provide the consistent support and guidance needed to ensure your long-lasting success.

Initial Consultation:

We meet to understand the various factors that have created your health issues and determine which tests and investigations are needed to get the full picture of your current health.

Diagnosis and Report:

Our team will review the medical results and create a bespoke programme for you, based on your individual investigation results and report.


Liaising with a consultant/GP, we will help you to integrate your medical requirements with our recommended lifestyle modification plan.  

Implementation & Accountability:

This is where the magic starts to happen as we deliver all the agreed consultations and supporting services, in person or virtually, in a way that suits your unique needs.  

Review Progress:

With a full review midway through your programme, and again at the end, we can advise on any further actions if and when needed.

And we’ll be there to help you celebrate your SUCCESS!

Testimonial Video

Let Me inspire you for your Unique, Lifestyle Transformation to enjoy a Vibrant and Happy life.

“Health and Happiness is the foundation for Success!”