Mr. Son

Mr Son attended my webinar, which was offered via his professional association, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), in June 2020.
Mr Son is a 54-year-old, typical Englishman with a long-standing accountancy practice. He is married to a supportive wife.
In the past, Mr Son enjoyed an active lifestyle, including competing in national championships for fishing and winning golf tournaments. However, he had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis as an 18-year-old, which gradually limited his ability to be mobile and active.
Over a 25-year period, he felt limited in his day-to-day activities and pursuing his passion for fishing and golf. He had to take about eight paracetamol to complete one round of golf, with excruciating pain and needing a trolley to carry his bag.
He describes his long-standing situation as:

“I suffer from arthritis, which limits my mobility and consequently the amount of exercise I can take. I feel like I’m in a trap; I want to do more exercise but I am unable to, so I just become unhealthy – a deep downward spiral.”

Mr Son could not recollect when he last had a full night’s sleep, and was always awake from 2.00am to 5.00am, only to fall asleep again until 7.00am. Then, he would have a heavy breakfast, regularly eating on autopilot, before dragging himself to work. For many years, his unhealthy lifestyle was creating a huge health concern for him as he suffered from being overweight. His abdominal obesity, high blood pressure and blood sugar levels reached the pre-diabetes level.
His low energy level, combined with mental fog, forced him to take many naps and he constantly felt overwhelmed with his ‘to-do list’. He felt like he was “dragging through life.”
Altogether, this lifestyle and health situation dragged his self-image and confidence down to level zero, and he despised himself when looking in the mirror. In his own words, “I accepted that ‘almost good’ was good enough. I accepted ‘average’ for the last 15 to 20 years and stopped looking for the opportunities.”
Deep down, Mr Son knew he had to do something, but he didn’t know the correct way to do it. In the past, he had lost weight with the help of diets and personal trainers, only to stack it back on once the desired target had been achieved. He often felt overwhelmed with so many resources available – books, videos, weight-loss clinics etc. – and did not know the correct approach to take.
He was ready to give up before he attended my webinar and heard about the holistic lifestyle transformation approach that I discuss throughout this book.
This was a light-bulb moment for him, and he decided that he was ready to try once more, ready for a bright new future!
Using a personalized, bespoke approach, we worked together for 16 sessions from June to October, on very similar principles that I discuss in this book. As a result, Mr Son has now completely transformed his lifestyle and has awakened the true potential that was always hidden inside him.


A few of the results achieved following this success
(Blood results changes are from July 2020–Oct 2020)

Heart age (numbers awaiting )

Blood pressure

Weight loss

Waist reduction: Mr Son reports: ‘I am now 2 waist sizes smaller and I have run out of holes on the belt I have!!!!!’ 

Blood sugar reduction: HbA1c: Reduced to within normal range, from 44 mmol/mol to 40 mmol/L (No more pre-diabetes) 

C-reactive protein: 30% Reduction ( from 10mg/L to 7 mg/L) [within 3 months]

Serum cholesterol: 4.23 mmol/l

Triglycerides : 1.52 mmol/l

HDL: 0.78

LDL: 2.76

Serum cholesterol to HDL ratio: 5.42


We set the following objectives for Mr Son’s lifestyle transformation journey:
Lifestyle transformation: Education, inspiration and empowerment to achieve:


Weight loss: aim for at least 10% weight loss in six months. Mr Son went from 117kg, for more than 15 years, to below 100kg in the matter of three and a half months. He achieved 15% weight loss in this relatively short duration and, yes, he now loves to look in the mirror and feels immensely confident.


Mr Son’s old life varied from being sedentary most days to taking eight paracetamol, to be able to engage in his favourite hobby of golf. Now Mr Son really enjoys playing a full round of golf; the speed and accuracy of his shots have improved and he can carry his own clubs around the course without needing any assistance. This has improved his self-image and confidence to the highest level.


Mr Son now not only has physical energy, but also mental clarity and the massive drive of a 20-year-old man. He works everyday on his new-found purpose of supporting business people with his unique skills.

Other aspects of his lifestyle have also improved immensely. After the first session, where we focused on mindset and connection, he sent me this feedback: “Amazingly, I slept through the night on Friday and Saturday – I can’t remember the last time that happened.”
Since then, he has slept regularly from 9.30pm to 5.15am, waking up rejuvenated, focused and ready to positively contribute to the world.
His wife is very happy that he has stopped snoring completely. (He was unaware that he ever did!)
He enjoys a variety of food that nourishes his mind, body and soul and never feels like he is on any ‘diet’. For him, shopping consciously and preparing meals that support his new goals have become second nature – a positive lifestyle. Because of his renewed self-worth and self-image, he is able to protect his boundaries from the negativity of certain relationships that used to pull him down; he has also strengthened the bonds in relationships that matter more, such as with his wife and good friends. He also noted that due to this entire process, he started attracting more people who are creating a positive influence in his life – including attracting more clients for his accountancy service. (This was a positive surprise!)
Emotionally, he has now gone from feeling hopeless and stressed all the time to being a great planner and executor, so that he can create rather than react to his life. He has started to enjoy life by creating a space for enjoyment in his life.
All these positive changes, along with the purpose exercise we did together, have now created 360-degree transformation in the direction of his life. Instead of waiting 10 to 15 years until retirement, as he did prior to the programme, Mr Son now gets up at 5.15am to work on his new business vision that will help many business people to enjoy a more balanced life and be more productive. It is safe to say that Mr Son has exceeded his goals beyond his primary objectives and expectations. Importantly, the changes in the biomarkers occurred in a matter of only three to four months.
However, Mr Son’s has a strong motivation to continuously evolve into a better version of himself with this Mind-Body-Spirit integration process; six to 12 months down the line he will be enjoying a feeling of eternal youthfulness, optimum health and inner happiness that cannot be measured by numbers, but can only be felt in his soul.

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