Dear Pranita, It is quite hard to put into words my gratitude and thanks for all your help and advice that you have given me over the last few months. As you know, I am your best customer: I have type two diabetes and have had a heart attack and a double heart bypass five and six years ago respectively. I made the decision back in February that I wanted to change my lifestyle. I was fed up with being a yo-yo dieter and that meant that my sugar levels were too high and that leads to all sorts of health issues and problems. I think you would admit that I was quite a difficult person to get into the plan initially. I have an extremely busy lifestyle with two teenage daughters and my business; I found it quite difficult to adapt to the change in lifestyle. There was so much to remember and do (or not) with what, when, and how much I was eating as well as controlling stress levels. I'm sure you remember that I quit the program in the past several times – but you were there for me being very positive, and encouraging me to continue. Now, after four months, I can sincerely say that you have changed my life. I’m extremely positive about my future health.

The aim was to lose some weight and I have gone from just over 15 stones to just under 15 stones – so 8 pounds. That may not sound like a rapid weight loss, but the key for me is to do the changes I have made slowly so they become a habit and permanent. Most importantly, I went to see my diabetic specialist on Tuesday. Now, I have not seen him for a year and his first words to me were: “You look well.” My sugar levels have now dropped from a dangerously high level six months ago to below the diabetic threshold. My specialist told me effectively that I do not have diabetes anymore! I'm really focused now on getting my levels and weight down even further and this is all down to you. You have given me the education and tools to not only consider what and how much I’m eating, but you have also worked on the mental and visualization side of it as well. Your motto, “What goes in your head is as important as what goes in your mouth” is so true. Thank you for everything you have done for me.
I am so grateful.

- Mr. Smith

Testimonials 2

“I have lost over a stone in weight. However, even more remarkably, my recent blood test shows that I'm no longer pre-diabetic. My cholesterol levels have come down 27%, and my heart age has improved by 14 years. I also have more energy than I've had for many years.”

– Mr. R.

“People say I look much younger and healthier than 18 months ago, and I lost 22 kg,”

– Mr. Ross

“I would like to thank Pranita for the excellent delivery of the Vitality health program which both my wife and I enrolled on. Pranita is a very knowledgeable and experienced individual who is passionate about what she does. My biggest issue was getting a good night’s sleep and she worked with me to address this. She started by analyzing the medical reports and blood tests and then tailored her advice. She was able to give some very useful practical tips on various health-related matters and also advised us on healthy food choices. I would definitely recommend Pranita to others seeking a helping hand in looking after their health and wellbeing. Thank you.”

– Mr. Patel

"I very much enjoyed attending a “Care Workshop” given by Pranita. Her approach is both engaging and persuasive. Pranita speaks with great passion on topics related to an all-round healthy lifestyle. She’s clearly knowledgeable on the mental, physical and emotional aspects, as well as being understanding of the foibles of the human condition – which means that most of us tend to know what we should do to stay healthy, yet still struggle to do it. The workshop gave her audience a taster of Pranita’s professional approach to motivating, informing and supporting her clients to achieve their health and wellbeing goals – and passed on some practical mental and physical exercises too. Having seen Pranita address a room full of businesspeople with essentially sedentary jobs, one can be in no doubt of the extent of her understanding and empathy – and her desire to make a difference."

– Mr. Hoffman

''I have always believed in a healthy lifestyle, but for the past few years have let work and life get in the way of what was important. When I read the information about your 6-week Vitality Energizer Course, I knew it was the right decision for Lydia and I to get started on a journey to health. Working in a small group we learnt the right way to eat, to exercise and to enjoy life but more than that, we understood why. You showed us that being healthy doesn't have to be boring or painful, and it’s not about numbers on a scale. With small adjustments to our diet and the right tips for exercise, Lydia and I have improved our lives in ways that we couldn’t even imagine. The goals that we set for ourselves are close to being achieved. I have yet to try a length underwater, but with my improved stamina I will very soon. The reason I am writing this is not just because of the quality of the course, but the way you made yourself available to us outside of it, motivating us, inspiring us and guiding us, not just as individuals but as a group, organizing social gatherings and keeping us on our journey. You give yourself wholeheartedly, truly believing in what you do. Your passion is only matched by your compassion, positivity and energy. I know that Lydia and I will be coming back to you to continue our journey in the future and I have and will continue to recommend your amazing services to friends, relatives and colleagues."

– Mr. Goldsmith

“I’d like to thank you for the help and support you gave me in our last Vitality Health Clinic session. As you well know, I’ve long been suffering from complex health problems – problems that when managed by a disciplined diet, healthy lifestyle and the right kind of thinking can be significantly reduced. A session with you was the catalyst to changes that I have now begun making in my lifestyle. I am happy to report I’m now beginning to see the beneficial effects. Most impressive was the unexpected impact you had on my thought processes and perspective, and you achieved this from just some simple questioning and relaxation exercises. I’ll happily and confidently recommend you to others in the future, With sincere thanks.”

– Nick Rhodes

“I just wanted to express my thanks to you for your Vitality Health Programme. It was an excellent course on how to make the most of one’s health and live with vitality. Generally, we think being healthy is just about food and exercise, i.e. less calories in and more exercise results in weight loss = good health. Thanks for busting that myth! I was amazed at the different aspects you worked on with us: head-space/mindset/breathing/visualisations/resolution setting when in a heightened physiological state/high alkaline body state/getting your gut flora back/super foods. I’ve found the course motivational, allowing me to identify what I was doing well and what I need to work on. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a healthy and happy future. Thank you again!”

– Ms. Jackson

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you. Before I came to see you, I was worried about my weight and health. Added to this, my blood tests showed I was pre-diabetic and a number of my blood levels were at an unhealthy level. You created a personal programme for me that addressed my specific health and weight loss issues. In our weekly check-ups, you monitored my progress and advised me when and how I should make changes to ensure I was on track and gave me constant encouragement, support and motivation. After just five weeks I have lost over a stone in weight. However, even more remarkably, my recent blood tests show that I’m no longer pre-diabetic, my cholesterol levels have come down 27% and my heart age has improved by 14 years. In addition, I have more energy than I’ve had for many years. Most importantly, you’ve shown me how to make the changes to more nutritional food and exercise that are now part of my normal weekly routine, so I’m confident I can maintain this as a permanent part of my healthier lifestyle. I’m so grateful for all the care, attention and expert advice you’ve given me and the results you’ve helped me to achieve in such a short period of time. Thank you once again.”

– Mr. Howards

“I just wanted to express my thanks to Pranita for arranging the Vitality Health Program. It was an excellent course on how to make the most of one’s health and live with vitality. Pranita, you are doing a great job in the wellness and health Industry, I believe this program will change people’s lives into being the healthiest and happiest. God bless you!!!”

– Mr. Tuscano

“Pranita Salunke is not only highly experienced and knowledgeable, she goes the extra mile to diagnose and understand her clients by building strong rapport. She has very good practical tips on managing stress and improving wellbeing. I would definitely recommend her and the positive energy she brings.”

– Mr. Smith


“I’ve been a "yoyo" dieter for over 30 years. At my highest weight last summer (2015), I had an enormous wardrobe of clothes that didn’t fit me. I was uncomfortable in the heat and suffered from puffy ankles/lower legs. Worst of all, I had developed an anxiety around my weight and general health. I began working with Pranita because I knew I had to break the "yoyo" dieting cycle and take a different approach in order to feel and become healthier, lose weight – and keep it off. When I first met with Pranita, the main thing that struck me was how non-judgmental she was – and how positive. She encouraged me to look not backwards to past failures, but positively towards future success.

She began the work of shifting my mindset from diet to healthy lifestyle very gently, whilst never losing focus on the essential need to lose weight. She introduced me to some of her core philosophies, whilst making me feel excited about her approach and the help she could give me. Pranita used coaching and NLP techniques and encouraged me to work with visualizations and affirmations to great effect, especially in incorporating regular exercise into my lifestyle. Her advice on healthy food choices has been helpful too. With Pranita's support, I’ve been able to eliminate almost all added/refined sugar and simple carbohydrates from my diet – something I’m immensely grateful to have achieved. The eight sessions ran across six months and I lost over three stone (44 pounds/20 kilo). I’m delighted with this result and am continuing with the healthy habits I’ve adopted, with the aim of losing more weight. With Pranita's support I dropped more than 3 dress sizes and I’m wearing clothes which haven’t fitted me for over 10 years. Most notable of all is that the anxieties I’d been feeling over my state of health have receded significantly.

I would recommend Pranita for these reasons:
1. There is an integrity in this process and in Pranita, which is very reassuring. There is nothing ‘faddy’ or short-term about Pranita’s program. It is fit for life, very sustainable ‘best practice’.
2. The combination of focus on (i) eating/healthy food choices, (ii) exercise/activity, and (iii) mental/psychological support is excellently balanced and invaluable – a truly holistic approach.
3. I really appreciated the way Pranita helps her clients embed new healthier habits one by one, and does not try to make them change everything at once. It feels a less radical and much more manageable way to achieve a lasting transformation.
4. There’s a real value in being supported through a few weeks or better still, a few months of habit-change. Making the changes to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s too easy to give up when the struggle gets too much. With the ongoing support through Pranita’s programme, it is possible not only to adopt new habits, but to make them stick.

- Ms. Shela

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